Coronavirus Policy

Coronavirus Policy

The progressing cross country spread of COVID-19 variants had made us work cautiously keeping in mind the safety of Patient as well as the Physiotherapist. You are required to follow the precautionary measures in this regard at all times. The following safetymeasures are followed for Physiotherapy sessions :

1.    Patient and the Therapist are both required to follow hand sanitization before and after the treatment session.

2.    Use of Mask and Personal Protective Equipment by both patient and therapist is mandatory.

3.    The Therapist and the Patient are both not allowed to remove mask from nose or mouth. If one feels suffocated he/she may ask for a short break in between the session.

4.    Nobody else except the patient and the Therapist is allowed to enter the treatment area. The attendant/family member shall maintain a proper distance during the treatment session.

5.    The treatment area is sanitized before and after the Physiotherapy session.

6.    The treatment is delivered at a well- ventilated place.

7.    The Patient and the Therapist shall not bring their shoes in the treatment area.

8.    The Therapist is immunized with COVID-19 vaccination as per Schedules of Government of India. The Patient shall also inform about his/her immunization of COVID-19.

9.    Patient and the therapist are both required to inform each other about any symptoms of fever, cough, respiratory difficulty, loss of smell/taste etc. to maintain safety. It is always advised not to take session in any such condition.

10. Patient and the therapist are both required to check body temperature before starting the Physiotherapy session.

11. Patient and the therapist are both required to follow the precautionary measures and guidelines provided by the Government of India from time to time.

12. The Patient is required to fill the COVID form provided to him/ her for Physiotherapy sessions. 

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