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We make use of a unique combination of manual therapy, electrotherapy, pain management devices, patient education and exercises to cure your disease.

At Carebility India, we strive for excellence in the treatment of all conditions, effective documentation, efficient scheduling and planning of treatment given in a clean and safe environment. We ensure that our patients understand the potential causes of their pain and how they can manage it independently on completion of the treatment.

We at Carebility India Make Use Of The Latest Equipment And Treatment Techniques. We are Providingthe Best possible Care To Restore Your Ability.

Some Of The Conditions That We Treat Includes:
  • Joint Pain :Knee, Neck, Shoulder, Elbow, Ankle, Foot, Hip, TMJ, Hand thumb and fingers
  • Soft TissueInjuries:Sprain/ligament injury, Strain/muscle injury, Tendinitis etc.
  • Inflammatory Conditions: Tendinitis, Bursitis, Fasciitis, Arthritis, neuralgia, Synovitis etc.
  • Spinal Problems :Disc Prolapse, Slip Disc, Scoliosis, Sciatica, Lumbago etc.
  • Old Age Problems :Muscle weakness, Walking difficulties, Posture problems, Cramps, Stiffness, Rigidity and Spastic condition etc.
  • Pre and Post Surgery :Total Knee/Hip replacement, Fracture fixation, Spinal Surgery etc.
  • Neurological Disorders :Paralysis/Stroke, Ataxia, Parkinsonism, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral palsy, Bell’s Palsy/Facial Paralysis etc.
  • Pediatric / Children Problems :Cerebral Palsy, Polio, Clubfoot , Knock Knee etc.
  • Autoimmune Disorders :Muscle dystrophy, Neuropathy, Myopathy etc.
  • Gynecological Conditions : Pre and Post Natal, Post Hysterectomy, Uterine Prolapse etc.

Many patients struggle with a loss of range of motion or function, pain in bone/joints/soft tissues, muscle weakness, decreased balance and stamina, which may severely affect their daily routines. Targeted to overcome pain and improve strength, movement, balance, and coordination, physiotherapy solves the problem through various exercises and activities designed by the therapist that best suits the patient. Not only does physiotherapy help with a patient’s mobility-related disorders, but it also helps them gain a better outlook and confidence on their conditions by improving their overall quality of life. Thus the key benefits of Physiotherapy are:

  • Pain Management and Cure.
  • Increased strength and power.
  • Improved walking.
  • Reduced contractures.

Our Expertise

Why People Trust Us

Use of High-Quality Equipment

We make use of High Quality equipment to treat our patients. Elite treatment is thus delivered at your doorstep making use of the High standard equipment. Thus you do not need to bother about the treatment standard as we provide you the latest technology of physiotherapy in the comfort of your home!

Unmatched Experience

Our patients had some wonderful experience of Physiotherapy Care sessions delivered with utmost care. They have known the wonders Physiotherapy can do in their life and have looked forward again and again to make life better every time. Our team look forward to deliver Quality treatment to make your experience better every time.

Fast Recovery

We deliver the best option of treatment available to our patients thus making them recover as quickly as possible. We keep in mind that in today’s world time is very important and you deserve most out of your life. Our experts work hard daily to take you back on track in fast mode.

Qualified Staff

We have a hierarchy of experts in the field of Physiotherapy and home care who are Qualified and experienced staff and are trained to specialize in their respective fields of Physiotherapy Care.

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